What You Should Know About Travel Insurance


If you are a traveler in the USA or abroad you must have heard of AIG Travel Insurance. AIG is one of the largest Travel Insurance companies in America. This company provides various travel related insurance services like travel delays and cancellations, travel injuries, risk coverage, personal liability insurance, emergency helpline, baggage cover, trip cancellation insurance, trip interruption insurance, pet loss, theft insurance, and much more. The insurance products of AIG are well known because they provide the customers with the best quality services.

AIG Travel insurance is offered by American International Group, Inc and Travel Guard is the corporate product name for travel insurances and assistance provided by AIG Travel. AIG Travel Insurance offers both temporary and permanent coverage for all types of trips. Some of the benefits provided by this company include trip interruption insurance which provides coverage during times when your trip is cancelled for any reason. Trip interruption coverage pays off the remaining amount of the trip cost up to a prescribed limit after the departure date, in case there is a delay in the flight deal.

You can save a lot of money and time by getting the right coverage at the right price with AIG Travel insurance plan. They also offer various types of add-ons like trip interruption coverage, trip cancellation coverage, pet loss coverage, flight delay coverage, and pet loss coverage. Moreover, this company also gives out free upgrades in the terms and conditions of the policy to provide you with a better travel experience. For instance, if you are traveling with your family, you can get special coverage for your pet so that you don’t miss out any of the activities planned for your family.

Travel insurance plans and policies offered by American International Group, Inc and Travel Guard are backed with a host of services such as trip cancellation insurance plans, trip interruptions insurance plans, emergency helpline assistance, airport assistance, baggage and ticket recovery, trip interruption coverage, trip interruption cover, and premium cap. In addition, these companies also offer other benefits such as extended flight delays, medical assistance, and accommodation assistance. Still on the topic of medical assistance, American International Group offers several options for healthcare coverage including doctor on call, emergency room, hospital, and emergency care cover. Similarly, for those who are looking forward to a peaceful journey, Travel Guard offers vacation club membership which provides discounted vacations to travel destinations such as Aruba, Caribbean, Bahamas, Cuba, Hawaii, Jamaica, Meso Americana, and the South Pacific.

Several other travel insurance companies also offer packages with significant discounts, depending on the duration of the trip and the value of the package. However, many travel agencies make sure that their customers are satisfied with the entire travel plans. Therefore, it is very important to compare quotes from different travel agents before finalizing your policy. Some agents offer quotes directly to the customers, while some companies send estimates and free quotes via email. Some travel insurers even provide online quotes and customer reviews, which helps the clients in choosing the most suitable policy for their needs.

Allianz Worldwide is a global leader in travel insurance. Allianz offers policies that cover everything from theft and accident to emergency evacuation, rescue and repatriation, baggage damage, and extended stay hotels. Allianz Travel Insurance Company was established in 1977 and it has one of the largest experience in the business. Allianz offers discount packages for travelers to Switzerland, England, France, and Germany.

American International Group, too, is a highly reputed company. They have been providing coverage for more than 35 years. The company offers quotes online for their policies that can be compared. When comparing, it is essential to note that the rate quoted for a Trip Delay and Accommodation Insurance Add-on is only applicable during the trip. It can’t be used after.

For those who travel regularly, it’s a good idea to buy the Allianz World Endurance Insurance Add-on. It offers coverage for emergencies such as a baggage delay, a medical emergency, an accidental death, and a loss or delay of baggage. This also includes recovery and shipment of an item that has become lost. For those who are concerned about the safety of their family in case of an emergency, they should consider Allianz’s Family Protection Plan, too.