Travel Insurance For Travelling Abroad


It is essential for every traveler to know about travel insurance in USA. A traveler can travel throughout the country by taking an international plane or cruise ship to the USA. There are many benefits of travel insurance such as financial security. The insurance helps a traveler to deal with different unexpected events that may happen during the trip. Therefore, it provides coverage for health and accident and also for monetary loss.

Travel insurance for USA from India takes care of all the unforeseen circumstances that the concerned traveller is liable to come across during his trip in the USA. For instance, medical travel is very expensive in the USA so, this travel insurance would offer coverage for personal accident and medical treatment. This insurance also covers other unfortunate incidents that may happen on your trip. In case, a traveller faces any kind of financial loss due to delayed flight or non arrival at the airport, this insurance proves to be really helpful.

The need for travel insurance in USA from India has increased a lot these days. There are many cases of non refundable tickets and missed connecting flights. These happen because of inadequate knowledge about the country and its people. Therefore, many travellers end up in frustration when such things occur while travelling. If there is any problem or question in the middle of the journey, the travellers have the option of contacting the customer service for help or seeking assistance at the hotel they are staying in.

Many people travelling to the USA have the misconception that travelling Insurance means buying Health Insurance from the agent. It is true that insurance works like a contract between the insurer and the insured person. But, it does not cover the travel or health related activities. The plan only covers the expenses incurred by the insured traveler due to injury, illness or death due to an accident or natural disaster.

The best part about a travel insurance plan is that it helps the insured traveller to recover the losses incurred during the trip. There are many plans which cover all the travel-related expenses. The policy can include the price of air/train fare, lodging, meals, recreational activities etc. The policy can also provide coverage against the following events which can occur anytime: deaths, casualties, travel delays, medical emergencies, baggage delays, personal and car damage, property loss, legal liability, accidental death and disease outbreak. Each plan varies in terms of the policy benefits, exceptions and limitations.

A plan can be purchased either for one time use or for multiple trips. For short trips the coverage can be more than what can be obtained through a single visit to the American Consulate in India or through a single passport. Usually a person travelling to the USA needs to obtain a visa to enter the country. However, the duration of the visa is often not covered by travel insurance. A good travel insurance package would therefore cover the period of stay required by the traveller while travelling to the USA under the Visa on Arrival program.

Once the traveler has obtained his/her visa, there are a number of things which can happen in between when travelling to another country. In such instances, the chances of accidents increase manifold. For instance, people from third countries do not have a direct visa which would allow them travel immediately to the home country. However, in such cases they can use a green card provided by the Consulate General of USA, or even a visa through family members.

If the person travelling does not have an immediate family or friends in the USA, he may face problems such as long waiting times for visas, inability to leave and join family in USA, loss of luggage and other valuables etc. Another disadvantage of not having a travel insurance policy is that in case of emergencies such as trip cancellation, the insurer will not reimburse you the money you had paid. Thus, it is advisable to have a travel insurance policy before going for a trip abroad. This will help you in dealing with any unforeseen incident. Travel insurance policies also cover medical expenses incurred during your trip abroad and even loss of money or interruption of travel due to natural calamities like rain, floods, earthquake etc.