Guide To Travel Guard Insurance


Travel Guard is the common term for travel protection and assistance services offered by AIG Travel & American International Group, Inc. It is a worldwide leader in providing travel insurance. The company also provides other travel related products. Among the wide range of travel insurance products, Travel Guard Insurance is one of the most preferred travel protection products. It offers travel assurance, global coverage, traveler’s compensation coverage, global destination protection, and travel interruption coverage.

This package plan provides nationwide coverage. You can visit their website and choose from various insurance policies such as medical coverage, personal liability coverage, extended travel coverages, premium payments, accidental death and dismemberment, trip cancellation, and missed connections. The medical expenses for a covered injury or illness are not covered if you purchase this insurance policy. The plan also does not provide coverage for alcoholic beverages and drugs.

Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance plans are also offered by AIG Travel. Trip cancellation insurance plans are designed to provide coverage for trips that are cancelled due to emergency or weather conditions. They cover a person for up to one year if a trip has been cancelled due to an emergency and flights are delayed or changed or damaged. Coverage includes scheduled air or boat travel between points within the U.S. and Canada or between U.S. and Mexico. Trip interruption insurance plans are usually purchased by people who travel frequently.

This insurance company offers emergency assistance services. In case of medical emergencies, injuries, plane crashes, and other disasters, this insurance company will help provide compensation for medical expenses and lost time. The policies of this insurance company also provide coverage in the cases of death or dismemberment and loss or damage of the person’s baggage, clothing, and other personal effects. This insurance company offers several other assistance services such as trip interruption insurance, urgent assistance plans, trip cancellation assistance, accident insurance, and travel interruption coverage. They also provide financial strength insurance which is intended for meeting the needs of families or individuals who may have experienced a financial setback because of an accident, loss, or damage to property.

Travel Guard Insurance Plans are sold through agents and brokers. Brokers may be purchased from a single insurance company or they may be connected with several different providers. Brokers can be purchased at lower costs because they are not connected with one provider. However, the insurance provided through a broker must be purchased within 15 days of the date of the initial trip deposit.

There are several optional coverage plans available from AIG. These include emergency evacuation, car rental collision coverage, hospitalization, first aid, emergency travel and accident insurance. When purchased within 15 days of the initial trip deposit, these optional coverage plans provide coverage up to two hundred dollars per day for up to thirty days. This is an average cost for these plans but the prices will vary depending on the number of days you travel.

The final type of plan is a multi-trip travel rite annual. Multi-trip plans are designed for guards who travel more than once per year. When purchased within fifteen days of the first trip deposit, this plan provides coverage up to one thousand dollars per day for up to three consecutive days. The benefit of this coverage is that it provides coverage for multiple trips and does not require the guard to purchase separate plans for each trip.

As stated earlier, there are several different plans available. guards should carefully consider each one and consult with their employer or a travel agent before purchasing a plan. Guards are offered discounts on travel assistance services such as medical evacuation, trip cancellation, baggage and theft insurance, first aid, and others.